Welcome to Apathy Softworks\' official website!

Welcome to Apathy Softworks' official website!

We develop time saving portable applications including Quick Cliq - Our flagship portable launcher and productivity tool with many useful features.

Quick Cliq 2.1.0 released

It’s been a while since the last Quick Cliq update, – we have accumulated a lot of changes :)
Here is whats new in Quick Cliq 2.1.0:

New: Added "Open Location" context menu option

More details

New: "From Process" command added to command selection menu
New: "From Recent" command added to command selection menu

More details

New: Added option to select items in menu by frame. See Options->Appearance->Highlight items by frame
New: Added possibility for comments in command, see Special description
New: Added possibility to use clipboard content in command, see Special description

More details

New: Autorun: It is now possible to mark item as autorun, which will be executed on Quick Cliq startup, but only when Windows starts. You can mark a menu as autorun, so any item in it will run automatically as well.

Autorun details
New: Any menu can now be deleted by holding SHIFT w/o confirmation
New: Added pretty frame selection to QC Editor
Fixed: Few fixes/improvements in Custom Hotkey List windows
New: Items with custom hotkey now can be easily seen in QC Editor
New: added RUN_MIN, RUN_MAX commands, see Special description
New: Added possibility to run shortcut's commands with RUNAS verb by holding SHIFT when clicking on item
New: It is now possible to copy recent target by holding CTRL when executing shortcut

Fixed: Running of items in menu by hot key
Fixed: Problem with persistent tooltip when enabled options "Show Icons Only", "Show Tooltips", and "Menu Mnemonic Method" = "run"
Fixed: Reappearing of QC Editor if it closed just after opening
Fixed: "Edit" context item did not work properly
Fixed: memos on top menu - few changes
Fixed: Clips append command now work better
Fixed: Few redrawing problems in QC Editor
+many minor fixes

In the next update i’m planning to rework Wins system, and if you have any suggestions/requests – send me a note.

Quick Cliq 2.0.8 released

Hello, guys!
Today is new version of Quick Cliq released with following changes:

- New: Shift + RightClick anywhere in Quick Cliq Editor to open main menu properties
- New: Added "Date and time to the clipboard" system shortcut
- New: Added possibility to put comments into command lines using structure {! comment !}
- New: Added new option "Menu mnemonic method" under Options->General, which is if set to "select" allows you to circle through menu items using key buttons
- New: Added new option "Enable windows filter" under Options->Gestures which allows you specify windows for which gestures must not work
- New: Added "Report" button to the error message
- New: It is now possible to run multiple instances of Quick Cliq with confirmation
- Changed: Spelling of suspend items changed to "Turn OFF/ON"
- Changed: To see tooltip for Recent items it is now require to hold CTRL
- Fixed: Recent items were not restored after menu rebuild
- Fixed: Sending feedback could not work sometimes because of specific IP
- Fixed: Memo encrypted in Windows XP could contain extra spaces
- Fixed: Clips->ClearAll didn't work
- Fixed: Deleting an item which is being edited cause an exception
- Fixed: Few reasons of "non valid item passed" error
- Fixed: Copying text using clips could sometimes crash Quick Cliq
- misc changes/fixes

Quick Cliq 2.0.7 released

Hello, guys

This update fixes few problems, we found together
Please, keep sending me your feedback, it helps a lot
Have fun and good luck!

- Fixed: Settings does not saved when closing the "Quick Cliq Editor" window
- Fixed: New shortcuts now correctly added to the end of menu ( not to the top ) if no items selected
- Fixed: Icon has not been retrieved properly when adding new shortcuts through file's context menu
- Fixed: Menu now rebuild itself when adding shortcuts through file's context menu
- misc fixes

Download Quick Cliq 2.0.7

Quick Cliq 2.0.6 hotfix

A small bug has been fixed related to memos menu:

- Fixed problem with using memos if you have more than 9 in menu

Download Quick Cliq 2.0.6