Welcome to Apathy Softworks\' official website!

Welcome to Apathy Softworks' official website!

We develop time saving portable applications including Quick Cliq - Our flagship portable launcher and productivity tool with many useful features.

Ransom.Agent false positive on Quick Cliq

Hello, guys
Malwarebytes have recently released a new software called Anti-Ransomware, designed to prevent crypto-viruses to do harm on your PC (like the recent WannaCry i hope).

You can read more about it here

As the Quick Cliq uses some crypto WIN API calls to crypt/decrypt memos content – not surprising it fell victim of the false positive alert – MB detects it as Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic
As QC will never do any crypting without your permission you can safely add it to exclusions.
Just make sure you always download QC from official site

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Quick Cliq 2.1.0 released

It’s been a while since the last Quick Cliq update, – we have accumulated a lot of changes :)
Here is whats new in Quick Cliq 2.1.0:

New: Added "Open Location" context menu option

More details

New: "From Process" command added to command selection menu
New: "From Recent" command added to command selection menu

More details

New: Added option to select items in menu by frame. See Options->Appearance->Highlight items by frame
New: Added possibility for comments in command, see Special description
New: Added possibility to use clipboard content in command, see Special description

More details

New: Autorun: It is now possible to mark item as autorun, which will be executed on Quick Cliq startup, but only when Windows starts. You can mark a menu as autorun, so any item in it will run automatically as well.

Autorun details
New: Any menu can now be deleted by holding SHIFT w/o confirmation
New: Added pretty frame selection to QC Editor
Fixed: Few fixes/improvements in Custom Hotkey List windows
New: Items with custom hotkey now can be easily seen in QC Editor
New: added RUN_MIN, RUN_MAX commands, see Special description
New: Added possibility to run shortcut's commands with RUNAS verb by holding SHIFT when clicking on item
New: It is now possible to copy recent target by holding CTRL when executing shortcut

Fixed: Running of items in menu by hot key
Fixed: Problem with persistent tooltip when enabled options "Show Icons Only", "Show Tooltips", and "Menu Mnemonic Method" = "run"
Fixed: Reappearing of QC Editor if it closed just after opening
Fixed: "Edit" context item did not work properly
Fixed: memos on top menu - few changes
Fixed: Clips append command now work better
Fixed: Few redrawing problems in QC Editor
+many minor fixes

In the next update i’m planning to rework Wins system, and if you have any suggestions/requests – send me a note.

Quick Cliq 2.0.8 released

Hello, guys!
Today is new version of Quick Cliq released with following changes:

- New: Shift + RightClick anywhere in Quick Cliq Editor to open main menu properties
- New: Added "Date and time to the clipboard" system shortcut
- New: Added possibility to put comments into command lines using structure {! comment !}
- New: Added new option "Menu mnemonic method" under Options->General, which is if set to "select" allows you to circle through menu items using key buttons
- New: Added new option "Enable windows filter" under Options->Gestures which allows you specify windows for which gestures must not work
- New: Added "Report" button to the error message
- New: It is now possible to run multiple instances of Quick Cliq with confirmation
- Changed: Spelling of suspend items changed to "Turn OFF/ON"
- Changed: To see tooltip for Recent items it is now require to hold CTRL
- Fixed: Recent items were not restored after menu rebuild
- Fixed: Sending feedback could not work sometimes because of specific IP
- Fixed: Memo encrypted in Windows XP could contain extra spaces
- Fixed: Clips->ClearAll didn't work
- Fixed: Deleting an item which is being edited cause an exception
- Fixed: Few reasons of "non valid item passed" error
- Fixed: Copying text using clips could sometimes crash Quick Cliq
- misc changes/fixes

Quick Cliq 2.0.7 released

Hello, guys

This update fixes few problems, we found together
Please, keep sending me your feedback, it helps a lot
Have fun and good luck!

- Fixed: Settings does not saved when closing the "Quick Cliq Editor" window
- Fixed: New shortcuts now correctly added to the end of menu ( not to the top ) if no items selected
- Fixed: Icon has not been retrieved properly when adding new shortcuts through file's context menu
- Fixed: Menu now rebuild itself when adding shortcuts through file's context menu
- misc fixes

Download Quick Cliq 2.0.7