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First of, thanks for the time you’ve invested in making Quick Cliq.
I would, after using Quick Cliq for a while, like to highlight 3 things which make Quick Cliq not very ’quick’ to use. Pls take this as constuctive critism – coz i like Quick Cliq.
1) When we copy things we usually use the mouse to highlight things. One hand would be required to copy and paste text and the other to use the mouse. Therefore if the copy and paste process was a seamless one, it would be quick and efficient.
2) When we have more than 5-6 things to copy at one time, pasting them becomes a bit of a problem as we have to contort our hand in an uncomfortable manner to hit alt+1-9.
3) This brings about the 3rd pt which is the lack of very customizable hotkeys.
This is just a suggestion:
Instead of using Ctrl+1-9 for copying and Alt+ 1-9 for pasting could you allow us to press Ctrl+c to copy the text i.e taking over the Ctrl+ 1-9 process?
As in every time we press ctrl+c it would store the copied text in the order it was copied.
To paste ctrl+v would paste the most recently copied text.
Here’s the part which would speed things up. Instead of the current format, could we press ctrl+Shift+v or ctrl+win+v? Pressing either one of these combinations would instantly show a pop-up (similar to one of your really nice menus)
The pop-up would have the last 7-10 copied text, in order. The pop-up should just show the first 8 or 9 words of the copied text.
To select the text which we want to paste: We should keep ctrl+shift pressed down and repeatedly hit ’v’ to cycle through the copied text.
Upon reaching the desired text, releasing the hotkey combination would automatically paste the text.
Last but not least, if let’s say there are 10 copied cells, if you could make to mouse cursor to jump to the pop-up so that we could scroll through the 10 copied texts would make it even faster!(releasing the hotkey combo would again paste the text selected.)
It sure beats pressing ’v’ 10 times to get to the last copied text.
2 other small tweaks which would be greatly appreciated would be adding a hotkey to change the selected text to Lowercase and Uppercase. Eg Ctrl+win+z
I guess that’s about it… I hope you understand that i’m not trying to change Quick Cliq entirely – that’s up to you… Just wanna add more options to Quick Cliq to attract a greater market share that have slightly different preferences. So… both options could co-exist.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you could reply at your soonest possible convenience.
best regards

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