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What a little beast this Quick Cliq eh!?!! Amazing what it does!
I am using mostly PStart (http://www.pegtop.net/start/) for my portable software (almost everything I use is portable). Sometime ago I was searching around for something better, which led me to try:
8start Launcher v3.0
Advanced Launcher v1.41
Colibri v17α
Enso Launcher
Executor v0.99.04b
Executor v0.99.11b
Find and Run Robot (FARR) v2.206.01
FSL Launcher
Portable Start Menu v3.2
SlickRun v4.1.3.0
SlickRun v4.1.4.0 BETA
slimKEYS v1.5.9575
Svift v1.1
Of those, none of the menu solutions seemed good or not bloated or small or worthy of switching from PStart. The idea behind FARR and Launchy is very compelling, but then what to do when I forget the name of what I want? I know how to get there… So the solution was to have PStart and FARR or Launchy together. Still I am not comfortable with this solution.
How about making Quick Cliq an ultimate little launcher? I presume you are open to suggestions, so there it goes:
1. Let users download help files, if they want to, and add to the program an option to use a local help file. Not always we have access to the internet, and still we want the information. I wanted to create a pdf from the help page, but it was impossible! Yeah, it is cool to click on things, but there are times I want to see it all, offline.
2. Allow more editing of the main menu. For instance, I wanted the applications shown at the bottom, then the other native menus. Allow to change their order as well.
3. Add the functionality of Launchy to the menu. Add an option to enable or not Find As You Type function. With FAYT enabled, whenever the menu is activated, the user can type and the menu will be reduced to items with matching letters. With FAYT disabled, the normal menu/underline letter take over.
4. Allow for the user to define the underline letter. In PStart, using & before a letter makes that the underline letter.
5. Since you’re working with windows already, go a bit further: there’s this guy here http://blueonionsoftware.com/freesnap.aspx that does some very handy tricks! The source code can even be downloaded. My view is to simply add all the features there to this one. Done, nothing else to do here.
6. The wins toggle desktop does not work. The native win+d does what I expected this guy to do. In fact, what it does is minimise all, nothing else. But since there is a native command for toggling show desktop/show all windows how they were before (win+d), why not remove this feature altogether? Or at least rename it to minimise all windows.
7. What happened with the close button toggle from version 1.3.6? Why not leave it there?
8. What happened with the always on top toggle from version 1.3.6? Why not leave it there? Much easier than opening that change window…
9. The hide and unhide windows is cool. Don’t change that one.
10. There is another great great software on http://powerpro.cresadu.com/. Don’t let the simple page or the scary program interface to shy you away. Put a bit more effort, read the help, how other users configured their programs, and you will be surprised with the amazing features this guy does. For instance, just by having it running, I configured mine to minimize any window to icon tray when I right click on minimise. I also defined to toggle top most window with right click on maximise. There is a lot more that can be done with it. How about this idea, to add such options to how Quick Cliq works with windows? The change window command is a bit cumbersome. It is better than nothing, but between it and the one I implemented with PowerPro, no doubts I keep with PowerPro.

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