Changes list for the next update of Quick Cliq

Hello, Quick Cliq Users!

Glad to announce you that the new version of Quick Cliq will be released very soon.

And here is a little-big list of changes that will be implemented:


  • “Recent” feature now have an option to log Windows Recent items
  • Right-click menu added to the Aphorizm bar in main window allowing you to copy it to the clipboard or even send us a new Afo to add in the future updates of Quick Cliq!
  • A big list of new “System” shortcuts will come along. Easy-to-choose & easy-to-use.
  • “Suspend” menu can now be hidden
  • RUNAS command to run any programs under Admin rights or with UAC elevation
  • A few new stylish icons added/changed, take a look on here! And leave us a comment if you like/unlike them.
  • Small&handy “E-mail” button for Memos
  • Added option to save current On-Top-Memo’s color/font as default
  • Transparency changing option added to Win hide menu allowing you to make just any window a little more transparent than usually
  • Fast folder changing of Explorer/Open-Save dialogs using Quick Cliq’s shortcuts is now possible.
  • Added an “S” button to “Clip View” window which is allowing an edition of system clipboard
  • Two new buttons for clips editing: convert clip to list/enumeration


  • Some possible Windows 2000/2003 incompatibilites has been fixed
  • Quick Cliq will not even start anymore on OS under XP like 98/ME
  • Some fixes regarding making changes to Registry under non-Admin account. It should now work properly
  • Fixed an issue when Quick Cliq required an English language to be default
  • Some bugs related to proper emails formatting when using MS Outlook
  • Fixed TAB navigation in main gui, it now works only for Tree-Target-Run
  • Removing items from menu by Shift+Right Click deleted them instantly
  • Memos bug fixed which add an extra line to memo on each save
  • Empty memo saving is now possible !
  • Pre/Postfixes option deleted at all
  • Some minor fixes…

Thank you for using Quick Cliq!

And stay Quick with us! :)

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