Welcome to Apathy Softworks\' official website!

Welcome to Apathy Softworks' official website!

We develop time saving portable applications including Quick Cliq - Our flagship portable launcher and productivity tool with many useful features.

Quick Cliq 2.0.6 hotfix

A small bug has been fixed related to memos menu:

- Fixed problem with using memos if you have more than 9 in menu

Download Quick Cliq 2.0.6

Quick Cliq 2.0.5 updated

Hello, guys
A new version of Quick Cliq has been released with few important changes/fixes.

2.0.5 Changes:
- Added context menu for Memos and Clips ( hold CTRL to see it's preview ). Default action when memo or clip clicked - send to the current window.
- Wins: Misc window modification commands ( Transparency, Always-On-Top ) moved to separate GUI inder "Change Window" menu item
- Wins: Added "Ghost window" command which makes window transparent and click-through
- Memos: Time values like %d%,%t% can now be modified with required amount of minutes like %d+60% or %t-120%
- Folder menu: Fixed possible hang-up when menu opens
- Possible fix of qc_conf.xml corruption ( removed saving on Quick Cliq exit )
- Fixed: "Restore" button didn't work for restoring backup on Options screen
- Added option to divide menu by columns based on max items per column
- Fixed problem with updating - hash was not calculated properly on Windows XP

Download Quick Cliq 2.0.5

Quick Cliq 2.0.4 hotfix

This release fixes an issue when icons menu won’t open.
Download Quick Cliq v2.0.4

Quick Cliq 2.0.3 released

Thanks to all who sent me their feedback and helped make Quick Cliq better!

- New "Folder Menu" options: Sorting, files/folders order, show/hide .lnk extension
- New system shortcuts added
- From now gestures will not work while any of Quick Cliq windows is active
- New options passed to S-Menu files on creation ( Folder Menu related, etc. )
- Added notification about required MSXML version when running Quick Cliq on XP SP1 or earlier OS version
- Changed error message when fail to run shortcut/command ( added more details )
- Added "Defaults" button on "Options" window - to reset all setting to default
- Implemented autobackup of qc_conf.xml on each Quick Cliq exit
- Added possibility to use modifiers for gesture button - shift, ctrl, win ( see options->gestures )
- Added option to choose copy&paste method ( see options->other )
- Added options window for Tree View ( see Quick Cliq Editor->Settings->View ). There you can set the font for the tree and it's size.
- Font for all Quick Cliq windows set to Times New Roman
- Improved speed at which Quick Cliq Editor opens after long time system idle
- Imporved speed at which icons menu opens
- Height Adjust options now works for Folder Menu as well
- Added "Change Title" options into Wins menu which offer active window title changing
- Fixed possible reason of rewriting qc_conf.xml with empty file
- Fixed issue setting hotkeys/gestures to None - was used default values in that case
- Fixed crash caused by some shortcuts in Folder Menu
- Fixed few problem with retrieving icons in Folder Menu
- Fixed bad behaviour when right clicking inside Quick Cliq Editor on Vista/XP
- Fixed bug when previos gesture wasn't disabled after changing it's trigger button
- Fixed "Folder menu" bug when icons from folder shortcuts did not retrieved
- Fixed Memos Ctrl+S hotkey didn't work
- Fixed blank message about adding your own icons

Download Quick Cliq v2.0.3