Welcome to Apathy Softworks\' official website!

Welcome to Apathy Softworks' official website!

We develop time saving portable applications including Quick Cliq - Our flagship portable launcher and productivity tool with many useful features.

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Register page’s captcha has been fixed.
Welcome to Apathy Softworks! :)

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Quick Cliq updated to 2.0.2

It’s been a small annoying bug in previous versions related to autoupdate feature, which is fixed in 2.0.2
Please use “Check for updates” button from “Quick Cliq Editor” window to avoid this problem and update successfully.

Quick Cliq updated to 2.0.1

This update is mostly bugfixing. However, a few options have been added to control Folder Menu shortcut ( Options->Folder Menu ), for example – added auto-refreshing function.

Big thanks to those who sent me their feedback and to all for your patience, i hope this update fixes most critical problems.

- Fixed problem when hotkeys could not work or behave erratic while some windows active
- Now hotkeys/gestures of disabled features will not be checked for similarity
- Now while "Change Hotkey" window opened - all hotkeys become disabled
- Quick Cliq own windows now cannot be hidden using Wins
- SendFeedback now shows corresponding error message on fail
- New: Few options added for Folder Menu ( see Options->Folder Menu )
- New: Folder Menus can be refreshed from context menu or automatically ( see options )
- Fixed problem with retrieving proper icon from .ico/cur/ani files
- It is now possible to navigate menus by pressing button with first letter in the name of shortcuts ( as was in 1.3.7 ). However, if any of the shortcuts include mnemonic character with that letter ( e.g. preceded by & ) - it will be launched first.
- Fixed problem when old hotkey remain active after changing it in options
- Added possiblity to decrypt memo on-fly. For this - hold CTRL key while performing any action on memo like send to window/clipboard,emailing, etc.
- Fixed problem with resolving memo's vars like %d%,%t%,%clip%
- Fixed non-working "Font Changing" dialog on XP
- Fixed error message about opening clipboard when sending memo to clipboard/window

Download Quick Cliq v2.0.1

Quick Cliq v2 released

Finally, Quick Cliq v2 has been released. Please, read the critical changes carefully to avoid problems. If any still happens – write us so we could help you.

– Quick Cliq has been completely rewritten and overall improved
– All settings are now stored into xml
– All your menu items will be successfully transferred on Quick Cliq start from old-form settings
– Old ini configuration will not be changed in any way after QC 2.0 start, so you may continue using previous version if you want later

– S-Menus now can be updated by right-clicking on file and choosing “Update S-Menu”
– Common QC items now right-clickable from opened menu – this action opens additional menu with few options
– Added option to choose font for the menu
– Added “T-Form” option for menus divided by columns
– Added possibility to change text/background color for each item individually in the menu
– Shortcut’s commands are now always saving automatically
– Improved performance for Folder Menu shortcuts
– You may now have items with any possible name ( event empty of similar )
– You may now Drag&Drop items on other shortcuts to create menus
– Clips: module have been rewritten, therefore all saved clips from earlier Quick Cliq versions will not be restored on start.
– Clips: Added option to save Text/HTML/Graphics from each clip through it’s menu
– Memos: Crypting system have been changed in new version, therefore you should decrypt all your enrypted memos before running new Quick Cliq
– Only hotkeys/gestures settings are transferred from the old “ini” configuration. So you will need to manually recheck other options if you need
– S-Menus format have also been changed and you will need to recreate necessary menus again.
– Improved adding shortcuts through drag&drop
– Improved methods to retrieve icon location for files
– Many new “Shell” shortcuts added under System Shortcuts category. This shortcuts allow easy access to the most system applications.

Few notes:
To make “Conversion” dialog reappear, you need to delete Data\qc_conf.xml file while you still have Data\menuitems.ini file
To make tutorial reappear, you also need to delete Data\qc_conf.xml file and no Data\menuitems.ini file should be