Quick Cliq Updated to Version

Pavel and I have pushed out the latest version of Quick Cliq. Once again quite a few new features. He is the run down:

  • Encryption option added to individual Memos
  • Added an option to show/hide notification when temporarily suspending mouse gestures
  • Add a “Quick Help” menu item that will display all currently used hotkeys, mouse gestures and enabled extra menus like the Clips menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the View Clips window would stay on top of the save dialog and notepad when either saving the clip or viewing it in notepad.
  • Fixed a bug where showing a window while being previewed would hide itself then fade back it. Now it will just show.
  • Added a fix to the Recent menu to keep non folder windows from showing up in the list (like the Run Dialog)
  • Added the possibility to use the “&” character in shortcut names to allow easier navigation of the Main Menu with the keyboard
  • Fixed a bug where shortcuts with the same name could be created via a drag and drop operation
  • You can now drag and drop files/folders directly on the shortcut path to create a multi-target shortcut
  • And of course a few minor internal bugs were fixed

Once again, thanks to all our users for their great suggestions and donations!

Get Quick Cliq here.

-Pavel & John-Paul

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