Quick Cliq 1.2.01 beta out!


The Quick Cliq beta is out for you to try.

It contains the following changes comparing to


  • Custom Hotkeys feature added, allowing you to define hotkey for any shortcut/menu. Along with that “CHK” special command added, which opens the list of all custom hotkeys you defined (you can also access it through “Settings” menu in main window).
  • Added “Autosave” option for target field. Availble through “Settings” menu in main window
  • Added “Ligh-Style menu” option which removes all colors/icons from menu. Available on “Additional” tab in options


  • GDI leak fixed


  • “Default colors” options moved to “Settings” menu


  • “Remove extra lines” edit option added
  • Added option to save clips on Quick Cliq exit and restore them on start


  • Fixed huge amount of page faults when “Log closed folders” option enabled
  • Added option to log recently used shortcuts

Get it from download section!

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