Quick Cliq 2.0 beta

Quick Cliq 2.0 beta is released today.
Many changes have been made since the last update. I’ll mention only main ones in this post, but full log will be available after some testing on beta will be done.
Yes, i need your help, guys, to test this relase, so if you’r willing to do so – go to beta section, download the stuff, and let me know about any problems you will find :)
Thank you!

One important thing: old QC settings will not be changed in any way when you start using new version, therefore you may return and use old QC later if you want.

New release contain some breaking changes, so, please, READ THE CHANGES before starting new Quick Cliq…

– QC have been fully rewritten and overall improved
– All settings are now stored into xml
– All your menu items will be successfully transferred on Quick Cliq start from old-form settings
– Old ini configuration will not be changed in any way after QC 2.0 start, so you may continue using previous version if you want later
– S-Menus now can be updated by right-clicking on file and choosing “Update S-Menu”
– Common QC items now right-clickable from opened menu – this action opens additional menu with few options

– Clips: module have been rewritten, therefore all saved clips from earlier Quick Cliq versions will not be restored on start.
– Memos: Crypting system have been changed in new version, therefore you should decrypt all your enrypted memos before running new Quick Cliq
– Only hotkeys/gestures settings are transferred from the old “ini” configuration. So you will need to manually recheck other options if you need
– S-Menus format have also been changed and you will need to recreate necessary menus again.
– Full list of changes will be later..

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