Quick Cliq Download

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So what now?

When the download finishes, extract the contents of the zip file and run the file “Quick Cliq.exe”.

When the application starts for the first time you should be presented with some basic instruction on how to show the menu and start adding items.

Quick Cliq resides in the task tray and will wait for you to show the menu. There are 2 ways you can show the menu by default. With the hotkey Windows Key + Z and by a default mouse gesture by holding the right mouse button in, dragging strait down about an inch and then releasing.

Use the very last item at the bottom of the menu called “Add/Change” to open the main editing window and start adding some items.


Remember to read the help file to learn how to get the most out of Quick Cliq.

There are also two video tutorials. The Main Menu Tutorial & The Extra Functions Tutorial.

Be sure to check out the FAQ section of the help file too!

If you have any questions or comments please use the Feedback form found in the main editing window.


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