Hello friends! 🙂

Some time has passed since last version of Quick Cliq, and here we are, in the new 2011… We hope you got the best from the past, and wish you to follow the same way in future.

We wish you to save your time with Quick Cliq, because time is all we have.

The work on the new version continues, little by little we going to make it better. Why we doing this? Because we feel good about it. It’s cool when you like what you do, but any work have much more sense when other people like the result too 😉

But the bigger the program becomes, the more efforts it requires to stay alive. So it is just a bit hard to do all the testing on Quick Cliq for me and John only, and we won’t make all users beta testers retrospectively.

If you are using Quick Cliq every day (as we do) and want to help us make it better, you can join us as beta tester and start getting new versions faster than official release. It doesn’t mean that beta going to crash your system or format your hard drive…  It means that you can help us to cut some obvious (and not so) little bugs before release.

If you are willing to help us on this task, write us an e-mail or send note through the Quick Cliq feedback form.

Stay with us, stay Quick!


Eric Gaillard · January 27, 2011 at 4:02 am

I’m french user of Quick Cliq,
I spent lot of time to test other products like this but your is the more convenient. I’m ready to help you for beta testing and also for a translation in French.
Let me know.
Best regards

Tilghman Broaddus · January 28, 2011 at 4:28 pm

I use quick-clip on all my pc’s. I used to use Darksky’s quickmenu but it doesn’t work as well in win 7. Is there an equivalent for quick-clip on the mac?
I would be happy to beta test a new version of quick-clip

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