Quick Cliq Updated to Version 1.3.07

Hey everyone! We updated Quick Cliq last night to version 1.3.07 which includes a brand new 64 bit version for those users running Windows 64.

Here is a rundown of everything that has changed:

  • Added a new memos encryption system
  • Added an option to just show icons with a tooltip in the main menu
  • Added an option to remove all windows theme styles from Quick Cliq windows
  • Added a few new thank you’s to the about box
  • Bug Fixes:
    • S-Menus now work properly again (Did anyone notice??)
    • Numberpad hotkeys are now available
    • Global gesture button not turning off when changed
    • Clips save/restore function fixed
    • Added an error message if QC could not write to the settings file because of permissions
    • Fixed the font change in memos
    • Fixed bug where changing a memo in the On-Top viewer would not save properly
    • Many small fixes and improvements!


I said before that we have now a 64 bit version for our 64 bit users. If you run a 64bit machine it is highly recommended that you use this version. If you wish to make the switch, head over to the Quick Cliq page and download this version. You can just replace your old Quick Cliq.exe with the new 64 bit version. Just make sure you have exited Quick Cliq first.

Aside from the new version we have some big news as well! Pavel and I have decided to make Quick Cliq open source. We are in the process of moving the source from github to source forge now but until then we have put up a download to the most current source in a zip file. So if you have been wanting to see how QC works go check it out! We do have to apologize as right now the source is not well documented but we will work on changing this. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be happy to answer them.

Stay Quick!

Tutorial – Pin an S-Menu to the task bar

Hey there all you Quick Cliq-ers! … Ok, sorry that won’t happen again.

Today I want to show you how you can make S-Menus from your custom Quick Cliq menus and pin them to the task bar in Windows 7 to create a one click menu of shortcuts without having to actually run Quick Cliq. We aren’t going to pin QC to the task bar, but instead only the S-Menu.
First thing is first, Go ahead and create an S-Menu (Open the “Add/Change” window and right click one your menus and choose “Create S-Menu“) from one of your menus and save it some place safe where you won’t accidentally delete it. Now go to that S-Menu file and copy it to the clipboard (we are going to use this later). Now you can drag it to the task bar. You could stop here, but you will have to right click the task bar button and select your S-Menu everytime you want to open that menu. We want to create a single click menu button instead so that it is faster.
Go ahead and right click the shiny new task bar button we created and then right click the Quick Cliq item and choose properties. Now under the Shortcut tab highlight the target field and clear it out. Now, remember we copied the S-Menu file to our clipboard? Show the Clips menu and choose System Clipboard >> To Plain Text. Now that your clipboard has been formatted to plain text let’s paste it in the target field. You should end up with the path to the S-Menu we created.
We can now choose a new icon or just keep that awesomely pretty Q icon. Make sure you click OK. Now go back to your task bar button and right click. You should see two items, The S-Menu you created and the Quick Cliq item we just modified the shortcut for. Let’s unpin the S-Menu item from the top.
Now click that button and watch your menu magically appear at your mouse cursor. You can even close Quick Cliq (although I don’t know why you would want to stop the awesomeness that is QC, but whatever) and the menu will still work. Woo!

— You can create more pinned menus to your task bar by first creating a text file (save it some place safe again) and renaming it as an .exe file like “Blank App.exe” and then dragging that to the task bar. Now right click the button and right click the dummy exe file and choose properties. Now change the target field to point to your S-Menu. If you do it this way though you will manually have to select an icon for the button, but that’s no biggie…. right?

Stay Quick!

– John-Paul

Use Clips to create m3u play list files

Today I am going to show you how to use the Clips feature in Quick Cliq to create a custom .m3u play list file across multiple directories. It is easier than you think with the append and file save capabilities of the extra clipboards.

An .m3u play list file is nothing more than a text file with file names on each line. Yep that’s it. We are going to use Clip # 1 for this, but you can use any clip number you want. Let’s make sure that no data is on the clip. Show the clips menu and check to see if there is an icon next to clip one. If there is, then there is data on that clipboard and we need to get it off so select Clear in the Clip 1 menu.

Now that we have a clear and ready to use Clip lets start filling it with the music we want. Highlight our first file and copy it to Clip 1 by pressing Control + 1. Now for every other music file we want in the play list we will highlight it and press Control + Win key + 1 to append that file name to the clip.

When you are done adding your complete Devo collection go ahead and view Clip 1 and you will see all the files on separate lines (you may have to turn off Word Wrap or resize the window to see them on individual lines). Now click the To File button and rename the file with the .m3u extension.

Clips m3u creation

Clips m3u creation

And that is that!

Do you have a cool use for the Clips feature in Quick Cliq? Lets us know in the comments.

Quick Cliq updated to version 1.2.05!

Well, we rolled out another update last night to version 1.2.05.

There were a few issues that were fixed and some really cool new features that were added including the ability to have custom hot keys for menu items! We also created a feature that allows you to use keywords inside of Memos and Clips that will represent the date or time (You will find some syntax help in the memo edit window and the clips viewer). You can now save your clips when you exit Quick Cliq to have them loaded in the clip on the next start up and you can change the hot key modifiers for the clip’s copy, paste, and append functions.

Here is the full change log:

New: Custom Hotkeys feature added, allowing you to define hotkey for any shortcut/menu.
New: “CHK” special shortcut command added, which opens the list of all custom hotkeys you defined (you can also access this window through “Settings” menu in main window).
New: Added “Autosave” option for target field. Availble through “Settings” menu in main window
New: Added “Light-Style menu” option which removes all colors/icons from menu. Available on “Additional” tab in options
New: Any folder shortcut target with “^” symbol at the end now works as fast folder switch for active window. So now you can define hotkey for this type of shortcut.

Fix: GDI leak fixed
Fix: Few improvments to fast folder switching so it now works better
Fix: Fixed bug when right mouse button starts working as gesture button after main Quick Cliq window closing
Fix: Changed the way main window opening, so it’s now more obvious what Quick Cliq is doing when idle for a long time

Change: “Default colors” options moved to “Settings” menu
Clips New: Added option to define hotkey modifiers for copy, append, paste clip commands
Clips New: “Remove extra lines” edit option added
Clips New: Added option to save clips on Quick Cliq exit and restore them on start
Recent New: Added option to log recently used shortcuts
Recent Fix: Fixed huge amount of page faults when “Log closed folders” option enabled
Memos: On-Top-Memos now can be edited and saved
New: Date and Time syntax added for Clips and Memos

You can get the newest version by simply updating the app or if your new download it here.

Thanks for staying quick with us!

Quick Cliq Updated to Version

Pavel and I have pushed out the latest version of Quick Cliq. Once again quite a few new features. He is the run down:

  • Encryption option added to individual Memos
  • Added an option to show/hide notification when temporarily suspending mouse gestures
  • Add a “Quick Help” menu item that will display all currently used hotkeys, mouse gestures and enabled extra menus like the Clips menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the View Clips window would stay on top of the save dialog and notepad when either saving the clip or viewing it in notepad.
  • Fixed a bug where showing a window while being previewed would hide itself then fade back it. Now it will just show.
  • Added a fix to the Recent menu to keep non folder windows from showing up in the list (like the Run Dialog)
  • Added the possibility to use the “&” character in shortcut names to allow easier navigation of the Main Menu with the keyboard
  • Fixed a bug where shortcuts with the same name could be created via a drag and drop operation
  • You can now drag and drop files/folders directly on the shortcut path to create a multi-target shortcut
  • And of course a few minor internal bugs were fixed

Once again, thanks to all our users for their great suggestions and donations!

Get Quick Cliq here.

-Pavel & John-Paul

Quick Cliq Updated To Version

Pavel and I pushed out version tonight. Besides the general bug fixes we have added quite a few new features to the app. Here is the run down:

  • Added a quick preview for memos and clips while holding control and hovering the item in the menu
  • Added Multi-Target support. Now you can run more than one target for one shortcut. Hold the control key while choosing a shortcut type or simply separate targets with “{N}”
  • Added transparency support for the menu!
  • Added a new shortcut type, “Special Folder” that will open Windows special folders like My Computer, Control Panel, or Network Connections
  • Added a new menu called Recent that logs recently closed folders even if they were opened outside of Quick Cliq!
  • Added the ability to temporarily suspend mouse gestures for 5 to 999 seconds. Hold the control key while clicking the suspend gestures menu item. Set the amount of time in the settings. Default is 10 seconds. (Thanks to SoggyDog for the suggestion!)
  • Added an “On Top” button to the clip viewer to make the window stay on top of others
  • Added built in forms for sending us comments/suggestions or to submit bugs. No longer will you have to open a browser to send us a message! Find the forms in the Help menu in the main window
  • Added quick links to the Apathy Softworks facebook and twitter pages as well as our blog and the donate page ( Nudge nudge. Snap snap. Grin grin, wink wink, say no more?)
  • Added a warning when closing Quick Cliq while there are hidden windows

Overall it was a HUGE update, so check out the new features and let us know what you think!

-On a side note we will be posting AutoHotKey and Python tutorials as well as tips and tricks for Quick Cliq so point your clicker to the right ==> and subscribe to our RSS feed!

Thanks for all the user submitted feature requests, keep it up!

-Pavel & John-Paul

Quick Cliq Updated to ver

We pushed an update out tonight to fix various issues brought to light by users. We also added new mouse gesture buttons (Middle click, and the back and forward mouse buttons found on some mice)

Thanks to everyone who submitted bugs and sat patiently while we did our best to fix the issues.

Now that we have the bugs worked out we will start adding some of the great new features that have been suggested. Can’t wait!

Here is a list of things we will begin working on:

  • Integrate favorite folders in Open/Save dialogs
  • New shortcut type to open special folders like My Computer, Control Panel, Network Places etc.
  • Preview on hover for Memos & Clips
  • Recently opened shortcuts history
  • Option to remove “-:Open folder:-” item in Folder Menus
  • Option to remove extensions in Folder Menus
  • A “Run Box” where you can search and launch files/folders in common directories and run Quick Cliq shortcuts

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions by commenting below or e-mailing us.

Quick Cliq Updated to ver

We pushed an update out to the server tonight to accommodate a user request and to add a new icon set for the extra menus and Add/Change menu item.

Be sure to update!

We also had a great review written for Quick Cliq by Samer at freewaregenius.com yesterday! Because of this review we have had a VERY strong influx of new QC users and we really appreciate that!

I would like to give a warm welcome all the new users to Quick Cliq! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments because as you can see above we actually listen to our users. We want to make your experience with QC the best it can be.

Please feel free to tell us about your experience by contacting us or simply commenting this post!

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed on the right –> to make sure you are up to date with the latest news.

Quick Cliq Updated to ver

I just pushed a very minor update to the server to fix a bug. Update when you can.

The update fixes an infrequent bug where a window would not activate properly when a memo is sent causing the memo to not be sent in full or not at all.

Remember you can always submit a bug  by clicking the “Submit a Bug” menu item in the Help menu inside the Add/Change window or by simply clicking here.

Quick Cliq – Public Release

Tonight we released Quick Cliq to the the public as version

Pavel and I would like to thank all the beta testers and extend a big thanks to Jeff Peck who not only helped test but also lent a hand in re-factoring some code and donating a private repository on github!

Quick Cliq will continue to be updated constantly as we acquire new users so make sure to update!

If you have any comments or suggestions for Quick Cliq be sure and tell us in the comments below or by contacting us.