Quick Cliq updated to version 1.3.00!

Hey all
Good news here, we’ve been able to slowly finish the work on new Quick Cliq version 🙂
Here is the changes it brings to you:

  • A full Unicode support. For now it gives a possibility to name shortcuts with your own language, not english only. It also improves the way Clips and Memos work.
  • Few useful windows manipulation commands have been added:
    • win_tileh – Tile Windows Horizontally
      win_tilev – Tile Windows Vertically
      win_min – Minimize: All Windows
      win_unmin – Minimize: Undo
      win_togd – Toggle Desktop
      win_tasksw – Task Switcher (Vista+ only)
      win_casc – Cascade Windows

    And some of them also available through Windows menu. You can find them in System Shortcuts window under “Windows Commands” label

  • New menu for icons choosing added. It appears when you click on the icon inside main Quick Cliq window. You can define a set of custom icons by placing them in “\Data\user_icons” folder and easily access them through that menu later.
  • Two new appearance options added – one is to divide menu by columns and another is to show icons only without shortcuts labels. So now you can make your menu really compact & smart.
  • A few more changes have been added, which you can see in the changelog.

    Make sure you are convert your encrypted memos back to the plain text before this update, since it temporarily removes “Encryption” option. It will be returned back in improved form later.
    Since unicode support added some of your shortcuts may become empty due to removed restrictions for names. You should recheck your targets and fix them if needed.

We have created a tool to fix old “menu_items.ini” (from QC version before 1.3.00) to the new format. Please use it after update.

Have fun with Quick Cliq and leave us some comments so we could know what you think 😉
Download the last version here

Hey There

Hello, friends
Here is a few lines about how we planning to develop Quick Cliq in future:

  • Unicode – the Quick Cliq going to become fully unicode-support application which means a more people around the world can do things faster with their native language. This will also fix a few bugs and remove restrictions on shortcut names, clips and memos text.
  • Improved icons support – we made an easy way to change or use your own icons for shortcuts
  • A few options added to change menu appearance – now you will be able to divide menu by columns or show icons without text
  • We know that Quick Cliq interface looking a bit rude and some people may not use it just because of that. We going to fix this
  • Different languages support
  • We are working on improving the Help section, which is, you know, looking quite old now
  • More videos about how to use Quick Cliq should appear soon

Stay Quick! 🙂

Quick Cliq 1.2.12 released!

Hello, dear Quick Cliq users!
A new version of Quick Cliq is released today with many important changes, and almost all of them came out from your suggestions and comments. Thank you all a lot!
Don’t forget to leave a word or two about what you think and feel while using Quick Cliq. It is very important for us!

Here is the last changelog. Feel free to comment it or ask any questions:

IMPORTANT! Changes to Folder Menu shortcut type:
Folder Menu now works as menu attached to corresponding shortcut
To use Folder Menu you need to add * symbol at the end of the shortcut’s name instead of target.
Any targets with * at the end will NOT work now!

-New window for editing multi-targets
-Added option to adjust items height in menu
-It is now possible to use windows environmental variables
-Special commands description added (can be opened through “Set Target” -> Special menu)
-“W” special command added, which stops target execution for a time
-Added REP Special command for repeating the commands
-Email targets now possible to edit
-Few improvments to emails composing
-Clips View window improvments
-Added option to extract or run URLs from clips
-Added “Run Links” item to clips menu
-“Edit target” item added to the main window context menu

-16×16 icons should now be properly used from resources
-Improved a way to run shortcuts solving some rare problems
-Fixed issue when target field was erased if you cancel file/folder select dialog
-Changing Quick Cliq’s standard icons now works properly
-Fix for context menus on XP, they must work properly now
-Main window now have constant size (fix for small resolutions)
-Many improvments and fixes

Quick Cliq 1.2.04b


This is the last beta for now, the next version of Quick Cliq will be released soon.

We hope you will notify us about any little bugs you may found.

Here is a change list for this version:

  • Clips New: Added option to define hotkey modifiers for copy, append, paste clip commands
  • Clips Fix: Fixed bug when saved clips didn’t restored when enabling Clips in Options
  • New: Any folder shortcut target with “^” symbol at the end now works as fast folder switch for active window. So now you can define hotkey for this type of shortcut.
  • Fix: Few improvments to fast folder switching so it now works better
  • Fix: Fixed bug when right mouse button starts working as gesture button after main Quick Cliq window closing
  • Fix: Changed the way main window opening to make it more obvious what Quick Cliq doing when trying to open it after long time idle

…and we’ve fixed some links on the download page…

You may also check full beta change list here

Get the new version now from download section

Quick Cliq 1.2.01 beta out!


The Quick Cliq beta is out for you to try.

It contains the following changes comparing to


  • Custom Hotkeys feature added, allowing you to define hotkey for any shortcut/menu. Along with that “CHK” special command added, which opens the list of all custom hotkeys you defined (you can also access it through “Settings” menu in main window).
  • Added “Autosave” option for target field. Availble through “Settings” menu in main window
  • Added “Ligh-Style menu” option which removes all colors/icons from menu. Available on “Additional” tab in options


  • GDI leak fixed


  • “Default colors” options moved to “Settings” menu


  • “Remove extra lines” edit option added
  • Added option to save clips on Quick Cliq exit and restore them on start


  • Fixed huge amount of page faults when “Log closed folders” option enabled
  • Added option to log recently used shortcuts

Get it from download section!

About New Year and Quick Cliq beta testing

Hello friends! 🙂

Some time has passed since last version of Quick Cliq, and here we are, in the new 2011… We hope you got the best from the past, and wish you to follow the same way in future.

We wish you to save your time with Quick Cliq, because time is all we have.

The work on the new version continues, little by little we going to make it better. Why we doing this? Because we feel good about it. It’s cool when you like what you do, but any work have much more sense when other people like the result too 😉

But the bigger the program becomes, the more efforts it requires to stay alive. So it is just a bit hard to do all the testing on Quick Cliq for me and John only, and we won’t make all users beta testers retrospectively.

If you are using Quick Cliq every day (as we do) and want to help us make it better, you can join us as beta tester and start getting new versions faster than official release. It doesn’t mean that beta going to crash your system or format your hard drive…  It means that you can help us to cut some obvious (and not so) little bugs before release.

If you are willing to help us on this task, write us an e-mail or send note through the Quick Cliq feedback form.

Stay with us, stay Quick!

Quick Cliq updated to version!

Hi, Quick Cliq users!

The small bug-fix update was released recently, so don’t forget to update!

Here is a list of fixed bugs:

  • "Menu Preview" now update itself correctly on menu colors change
  • Fixed Tooltip error when opening the menu using the hotkey Control+Right Click
  • Hotkeys&Gestures state in tray menu now shows properly after Quick Cliq restrt
  • Fixed bug with Windows Hide hotkeys (it can now be empty)
  • Fixed bug with relative paths on Windows XP

And we have updated F.A.Q section on the help wiki, check it if you have questions about Quick Cliq.

Quick Cliq Updated to Version!

Hello, Quick Cliq users!

And finally here it is, a new Quick Cliq version! I know you were waiting it impatiently and so on… But it took a little bit to fix all those bugs we found with your help. Though there is still a lot we can fix and change, add and invent, so keep up sending us your suggestions and comments, we appreciate them a lot. Thank you for using Quick Cliq!

You can check the full changelog for details (it is quite big, oh yeah!), but here I will explain the most significant features added since the last version.

Folders Changing:

So, let’s start with fast folders changing. You can use this feature by opening Quick Cliq’s menu on top of the explorer window or open/save dialog and press Middle Mouse Button or CTRL+Right Click on any shortcut, just like this:

If the items shortcut is a folder, you will be moved there, if it is a file path, you will be moved to that file location:

Another example for Save dialog:

“System” shortcut type:

This is a new window that appears when you select “System” from the predefined shortcuts drop down list.

Here you can see the list of shortcuts (right side) according to the selected categories (left side). You can quickly choose a shortcut by double clicking it, or selecting a few of them and pressing the “Add Shortcuts” button. You can also check what a shortcut actually does by pressing the “Test Shortcut” button. But be careful with items like “Shutdown” or “Log Off”! 🙂

If you have a good suggestion about what else should be in that list – just send us a note, press “Send New” button.

RUNAS command:

Annoyed with that all-seeing-UAC, eh? No!? It may be useful to start some programs with admin rights, especially if some of the features of that application don’t work properly… Haven’t run across this bad story yet? Oh you will some day, I’m sure of it.

When this does happen, you can easily solve it – using RUNAS command. Just put this special word (it’s not case-sensitive, I just like caps) before any target path you wan’t to use, for example:

RUNAS “D:\SOFT\Utils\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe”

If you have UAC enabled, it will ask your permission to run this app with full access rights (On XP it will ask you the Administrator password though). This simple method can help you get your programs working properly.

And just few tips about using this command:

  1. Remember to enclose your file path into the quotes. This is the best practice to do this always, but it is absolutly needed if the path contains any spaces, for example this will not work:
  2. RUNAS D:\SOFT\Some Folder\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe

  3. You can use arguments:
  4. RUNAS “D:\SOFT\Utils\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe” /t /s:1234

  5. You can use this command inside a Multi-Target shortcut:
  6. cmd {N} runas “D:\SOFT\Utils\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe” {N} charmap

  7. This may not work with non executable files, like text files or word documents.

Drag & Drop for Shortcuts Tree:

It is now much easier to move your shortcuts from the deepest menu to the top, just use drag & drop! 🙂

Send us new Afo:

Do you like the “quote of the day” under the main window? I’m sure you do. If so, you have an option to send us your favorite aphorizm – right click on the afo-bar and choose “Send New” and it’s possible it will appear in next version of Quick Cliq.

Transparent Windows option:

Want to make some window a little less evident? OK, we have an option, just choose “Change Transpareny” item from the “Windows” menu and move slider down!

Thats all for now. If you have any questions or wonder how one or another feature works – leave a comment and we’ll explain it in the details.

Stay with us, stay Quick!

Changes list for the next update of Quick Cliq

Hello, Quick Cliq Users!

Glad to announce you that the new version of Quick Cliq will be released very soon.

And here is a little-big list of changes that will be implemented:


  • “Recent” feature now have an option to log Windows Recent items
  • Right-click menu added to the Aphorizm bar in main window allowing you to copy it to the clipboard or even send us a new Afo to add in the future updates of Quick Cliq!
  • A big list of new “System” shortcuts will come along. Easy-to-choose & easy-to-use.
  • “Suspend” menu can now be hidden
  • RUNAS command to run any programs under Admin rights or with UAC elevation
  • A few new stylish icons added/changed, take a look on here! And leave us a comment if you like/unlike them.
  • Small&handy “E-mail” button for Memos
  • Added option to save current On-Top-Memo’s color/font as default
  • Transparency changing option added to Win hide menu allowing you to make just any window a little more transparent than usually
  • Fast folder changing of Explorer/Open-Save dialogs using Quick Cliq’s shortcuts is now possible.
  • Added an “S” button to “Clip View” window which is allowing an edition of system clipboard
  • Two new buttons for clips editing: convert clip to list/enumeration


  • Some possible Windows 2000/2003 incompatibilites has been fixed
  • Quick Cliq will not even start anymore on OS under XP like 98/ME
  • Some fixes regarding making changes to Registry under non-Admin account. It should now work properly
  • Fixed an issue when Quick Cliq required an English language to be default
  • Some bugs related to proper emails formatting when using MS Outlook
  • Fixed TAB navigation in main gui, it now works only for Tree-Target-Run
  • Removing items from menu by Shift+Right Click deleted them instantly
  • Memos bug fixed which add an extra line to memo on each save
  • Empty memo saving is now possible !
  • Pre/Postfixes option deleted at all
  • Some minor fixes…

Thank you for using Quick Cliq!

And stay Quick with us! 🙂