Well, we rolled out another update last night to version 1.2.05.

There were a few issues that were fixed and some really cool new features that were added including the ability to have custom hot keys for menu items! We also created a feature that allows you to use keywords inside of Memos and Clips that will represent the date or time (You will find some syntax help in the memo edit window and the clips viewer). You can now save your clips when you exit Quick Cliq to have them loaded in the clip on the next start up and you can change the hot key modifiers for the clip’s copy, paste, and append functions.

Here is the full change log:

New: Custom Hotkeys feature added, allowing you to define hotkey for any shortcut/menu.
New: “CHK” special shortcut command added, which opens the list of all custom hotkeys you defined (you can also access this window through “Settings” menu in main window).
New: Added “Autosave” option for target field. Availble through “Settings” menu in main window
New: Added “Light-Style menu” option which removes all colors/icons from menu. Available on “Additional” tab in options
New: Any folder shortcut target with “^” symbol at the end now works as fast folder switch for active window. So now you can define hotkey for this type of shortcut.

Fix: GDI leak fixed
Fix: Few improvments to fast folder switching so it now works better
Fix: Fixed bug when right mouse button starts working as gesture button after main Quick Cliq window closing
Fix: Changed the way main window opening, so it’s now more obvious what Quick Cliq is doing when idle for a long time

Change: “Default colors” options moved to “Settings” menu
Clips New: Added option to define hotkey modifiers for copy, append, paste clip commands
Clips New: “Remove extra lines” edit option added
Clips New: Added option to save clips on Quick Cliq exit and restore them on start
Recent New: Added option to log recently used shortcuts
Recent Fix: Fixed huge amount of page faults when “Log closed folders” option enabled
Memos: On-Top-Memos now can be edited and saved
New: Date and Time syntax added for Clips and Memos

You can get the newest version by simply updating the app or if your new download it here.

Thanks for staying quick with us!


Paul · February 27, 2011 at 12:50 am

Hi, before downloading Quick Cliq I was reading the Help Reference and under the section S-Menu it said:
“Remember, you will always be prompted before we ever touch the registry.”

When I launched Quick Cliq for the first time, Comodo Defense Plus alerted me that Quick Cliq was trying to change these Registry Keys:
\RPC Control\DNSResolver

I guess this had happened because “Check for updates automatically” was ticked by default (now unticked), I blocked them but I was asked again when I checked for an update manually and even though they are blocked Quick Cliq can still check for an update.
I have never got this Comodo alert before but then all my other software is on the Comodo ‘white list’ (trusted), I have sent the file to Comodo so they can analyse and rate it.
These alerts about changes to the InternetSettings are ‘scary’ for a novice like me especially when we read so much about malware stealing our information and then ‘phoning home’.
Please note, I certainly don’t think Quick Cliq is malware, I checked the Quick Cliq file at Virus Total and it gets a 100% CLEAN rating.

I am not very computer literate and the Registry scares me so could you please explain why these registry changes are being made and why they are necessary.

Also, I have AutoHotKey for some basic text completion and some Hot Keys (that’s all I can figure out) so Quick Cliq has done all the hard work for me, it is exactly what I have dreamed of.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Pavel · February 27, 2011 at 7:09 am

Hey, Paul
Thanks for question

As far as i know Comodo Defense Plus is a quite paranoid anti-everything software, i used it myself sometime ago.

Are you sure it warned you exactly about “changing” the registry? Because quite often it can warn you about anything, including just a reading of registry, not changing it. As you know reading different registry keys is a common behaviour for most application, so there is no anything to worry about.

Only thing we doing when you checking for update – it is download some small last version containing file.
As long as you familiar with AHK itself, you can check behaviour of the “URLDownloadFile” function yourself. I’m sure, Comode will react the same way as in Quick Cliq.

Paul · February 28, 2011 at 9:50 pm

Thanks for the reply and reassurance

It has also been confirmed by others that Quick Cliq is simply going through a normal procedure and nothing untoward is happening.
My mind is at ease.

Thanks again for this excellent program 🙂

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