This is the last beta for now, the next version of Quick Cliq will be released soon.

We hope you will notify us about any little bugs you may found.

Here is a change list for this version:

  • Clips New: Added option to define hotkey modifiers for copy, append, paste clip commands
  • Clips Fix: Fixed bug when saved clips didn’t restored when enabling Clips in Options
  • New: Any folder shortcut target with “^” symbol at the end now works as fast folder switch for active window. So now you can define hotkey for this type of shortcut.
  • Fix: Few improvments to fast folder switching so it now works better
  • Fix: Fixed bug when right mouse button starts working as gesture button after main Quick Cliq window closing
  • Fix: Changed the way main window opening to make it more obvious what Quick Cliq doing when trying to open it after long time idle

…and we’ve fixed some links on the download page…

You may also check full beta change list here

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sut · February 27, 2011 at 6:53 pm

Hi. Been using Quick Cliq for a few months now hoping it would match up to <..>, my long-term choice for accessing my folders, files, urls etc. I Have found it less reliable (sometimes the program doesn’t start with Windows as instructed – I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate x86). It is more time consuming when adding and arranging shortcuts via the program window, less flexible in its display of menu items (it won’t display many symbols on my keyboard and will not allow you to add spaces before text when renaming menu items). Quick Cliq has the annoying habit of not automatically using the icons contained in the files/folders/programs i add to the menu so you have to select the icons manually. Even more annoying on the icon front is that despite selecting the 16 pixel icon option in the settings menu, Quick Cliq strangely then does not display the 16×16 icon contained within the selected icon but instead displays a larger contained icon within the same icon file (32,48,96,256 pixels etc.) but shrunken down to 16 pixels. Makes for unfamiliar viewing when you’re used to your icons looking a certain way at different sizes. I have had to create a separate set of icons just for Quick Cliq containing only 16 pixel images which was very time consuming and very impractical but unfortunately there was no other way to get the program to display icons correctly.

I have tried many of these folder access programs and believe <..> to be the easiest to use and the easiest on the eye (the menu items have slightly more space between them than Quick Cliq and it just looks more appealing).
Quick Cliq shows some promise but has too many glitches and strange foibles at present.

Pavel · February 28, 2011 at 6:04 am

Hi, Sut
Yes, QC have some resrictions for the name of shortcut due to current realization.

It may not start on windows startup if you moved exe from it’s old place or any of your software blocks it (like antiviruses), there is can’t be other reason. To fix the thing after moving an exe – open/close the options window

The problem why 16×16 icons didn’t displayed correctly will be probably fixed in next version (in next beta too)

We would appreaciate if you can send us an example of programm, from which Quick Cliq doesn’t get icons automatically.

Thanks for your feedback!

sut · February 28, 2011 at 9:56 am

Thanks for the feedback.
The issue of the program not starting with Windows needs a little explanation. The program is running (with the Quick Cliq icon displayed in the system tray) but the menu does not appear when i perform the necessary mouse gesture. I have to stop and restart the process with Task Manager for the menu to appear as normal. This is an intermittent issue that does not occur most of the time but it’s obviously annoying when it does.

The issue of icons not displaying when dragging and dropping them onto the program interface is mostly confined to drives and folders (which never display their icon… can this be fixed?), although a few portable programs (utorrent, cintanotes, systraymeter to name a few) did not display their icons when i first loaded them into the program. I have since tried loading them again and the icons displayed correctly this time so i can’t explain that one.

I have also had an issue with a shortcut to a .vbs file which i use to run a .bat file to restart the explorer shell without the command prompt appearing. Works fine in <..> but Quick Cliq produces an ‘Error!’ window with the message ‘one or more targets for this shortcut is not valid’. Can Quick Cliq deal with .vbs files?

Thanks again for the feedback.
Still like the program a lot by the way.

Pavel · February 28, 2011 at 3:46 pm


Please make sure you use the last version of Quick Cliq. You can help us fix this bugs by providing some additional inforamtion.

On which version of Windows you have noticed this bugs?
The one when icons for dragged drives and folders not appears has been fixed long time ago actually, so it’s weird if you still have it.

Please specify where is your Quick Cliq files placed – on local drive, on external one or you run it from remote folder?
Does hotkey for opening menu works after startup while mouse gesture not? Or they both not working at all? Does they start working after some time passed (~5 mins) or only option to get them working is to kill process and restart?

.vbs files should work as any other. The error you described can appear if you use spaces-containing path to file. In this case please try to enclose it in quotes and try again. Also, it can be caused by some non-english characters in file path or name (alas QC is not unicode programm). If error still appears, please post here which target you use to run this file so we could check why it’s not working.

Thank you again.

Anonymous · March 1, 2011 at 6:15 am


I am using the latest version of Quick Cliq (ver. 1.2.05) on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
Yes, drives and folders never display their icon when dragging and dropping them on the program interface.
Quick Cliq is placed on a local drive on a separate partition to my system partition.
Not sure if the hotkey is working or not when the mouse gesture fails at Windows startup. Will check next time i notice the mouse gesture not working.
The .vbs file has no non-english characters in its path. The path is “F:\My Documents\Software Archive\Restart Explorer .bat file (Windows 7)\invis.vbs”. The .vbs file runs a .bat file in the same folder and Quick Cliq is able to run the .bat file directly but not via the .vbs file which points to it. Enclosing the path in quotes made no difference.

Thanks for the feedback

Pavel · March 1, 2011 at 11:58 am

hi, Sut

Thats weird. Do you have “\data\icons\folder.ico” file correct? Try to delete it and restart QC

“F:\My Documents\Software Archive\Restart Explorer .bat file (Windows 7)\invis.vbs”

Thanks, we’ll fix this. For now you can remove a dot before “bat” to make it working.

Thanks again

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