Hello, guys
A new version of Quick Cliq has been released with few important changes/fixes.

2.0.5 Changes:
- Added context menu for Memos and Clips ( hold CTRL to see it's preview ). Default action when memo or clip clicked - send to the current window.
- Wins: Misc window modification commands ( Transparency, Always-On-Top ) moved to separate GUI inder "Change Window" menu item
- Wins: Added "Ghost window" command which makes window transparent and click-through
- Memos: Time values like %d%,%t% can now be modified with required amount of minutes like %d+60% or %t-120%
- Folder menu: Fixed possible hang-up when menu opens
- Possible fix of qc_conf.xml corruption ( removed saving on Quick Cliq exit )
- Fixed: "Restore" button didn't work for restoring backup on Options screen
- Added option to divide menu by columns based on max items per column
- Fixed problem with updating - hash was not calculated properly on Windows XP

Download Quick Cliq 2.0.5


Dragan · April 23, 2023 at 4:34 pm

I liked it until it was working! Now, when I try to add new item to the menu, dialog box pops up with message “Could not open file for writing: C:\…\QuickCliq\Data\qc_conf.xml Error 3″… or Error 5. Also, icons below main menu do not show up at all.
I’m using this new version v2.1.1 64-bit on Windows 11 22H2 64-bit.
Can you help with this?

    Dragan · April 23, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    My apologies. The culprit was latest update to my antivirus software (Avast) which set all folders to read-only… Switching off ‘ransomware shield’ or simply excluding ‘QuickCliq’ folder from this protection will remove folder read-only status.

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