We pushed an update out tonight to fix various issues brought to light by users. We also added new mouse gesture buttons (Middle click, and the back and forward mouse buttons found on some mice)

Thanks to everyone who submitted bugs and sat patiently while we did our best to fix the issues.

Now that we have the bugs worked out we will start adding some of the great new features that have been suggested. Can’t wait!

Here is a list of things we will begin working on:

  • Integrate favorite folders in Open/Save dialogs
  • New shortcut type to open special folders like My Computer, Control Panel, Network Places etc.
  • Preview on hover for Memos & Clips
  • Recently opened shortcuts history
  • Option to remove “-:Open folder:-” item in Folder Menus
  • Option to remove extensions in Folder Menus
  • A “Run Box” where you can search and launch files/folders in common directories and run Quick Cliq shortcuts

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions by commenting below or e-mailing us.


sanjaya · October 20, 2010 at 2:13 am

Hello there,
I downloaded and started using the quick clik from yesterday. I like the way I can open my files. However, I saw a few problems.
1. The normal right click button may fail to work in other cases though the gesture for quick clic includes right click and scroll down. This prevented lots of things from execution.
2. Though there is a submenu addition option what i saw was I could not manually attach submenu to the existing menus that would have been much easier.

Pavel · October 20, 2010 at 6:58 am

Hi, Sanjaya!
Thank you for feedback
Please try the following to solve your issue:
1. Go to “Settings” window and select “Hotkeys/Gestures” tab. On the top you will see an option where you can choose which mouse button will be used for gestures. Try to change it to “Middle Button” or “Mouse 3/4” (if your mouse have these buttons). This should solve problems with using Right button in other programms. This options should be available in Quick Cliq version Update it if you have other version (can be checked in About screen)
2. Can you please more precisly describe what is wrong there? It would help us locate the problem you found while using Quick Cliq

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