Quick Cliq 1.3.3 released!

Glad to announce that the new version of Quick Cliq is finnaly out!
Yeah, it took some time to gather all things together and make an update, but it’s been “summer” out there and all such things, you know… Seems like some of you even start loosing patience, eh?
But, hey, we are so rarely see you on our site… where are you, halloo!? All those thousands downloaded Quick Cliq..?
OK, i will point a few significant changes made to Quick Cliq, and full list you as always can see in our change log.

  • The main Quick Cliq windows where all shortcuts forging were completely remade, so it looks now like this:

  • So, it become resizable, got some toolbars and more “work space”. Properties for each shortcut were moved to another window wich appears when you right click on any item. Also, as you can see, all color themes you have set inside your menu, can now be seen just at this point, whithout necessary “close window/open menu” circle. The most significant change of this window is that we have now two separate parts here – the one at the top is a shortcuts editing field with similar to the end-menu view and second at the bottom is a commands editing place, where you can set/change commands for each shortcut, – one, two, or whatever number you want.

  • Regarding props window, here it is:

  • The new “Random” button where added to set colors for selected menu randomly for you. The “H” button indicate whether props window is hiding each time you don’t use it or not.

  • Another special command where added – ‘copyto’. This command with syntax like ‘copyto C:\MyFavFolder;C:\RCB’ can be used to copy any selected files/folders from explorer windows/desktop directly into folders you specified. You can find more about this command inside QC. Thanks to Mike for siggestion about this feature.
  • Bug realted to “+” symbol inside shortcut name was fixed
  • Some shortcuts containing non-english letters like é,à,è could not work. This is also been fixed.
  • Significantly improved icons retrival from recources, which most noticeably for 24×24 icons

Update: If you have experienced missing icons after update, download this archive and unpack it into your “Quick Cliq\Data” folder

Good luck, and have fun with Quick Cliq!

Quick Cliq 1.3.3 preview

Hello, friends!
We were working on new Quick Cliq GUI design since the last version, and here is the first screenshot how it will be looking:

The man, running something out from Quick Cliq

Important changes:

  • All item’s properties moved to separate float window, which appears when you right click on the item.
  • Each menu’s colors will be shown inside the list and any changes can be seen instantly
  • Buttons replaced with toolbar
  • Improved appearance of the list

There also will be various bug fixes & improvements we got from your feedback, and new copyto special command, which will help you perform a quick copy of selected files to the specified folders.

Thank you for using Quick Cliq!