Quick Cliq updated to 2.0.1

This update is mostly bugfixing. However, a few options have been added to control Folder Menu shortcut ( Options->Folder Menu ), for example – added auto-refreshing function.

Big thanks to those who sent me their feedback and to all for your patience, i hope this update fixes most critical problems.

- Fixed problem when hotkeys could not work or behave erratic while some windows active
- Now hotkeys/gestures of disabled features will not be checked for similarity
- Now while "Change Hotkey" window opened - all hotkeys become disabled
- Quick Cliq own windows now cannot be hidden using Wins
- SendFeedback now shows corresponding error message on fail
- New: Few options added for Folder Menu ( see Options->Folder Menu )
- New: Folder Menus can be refreshed from context menu or automatically ( see options )
- Fixed problem with retrieving proper icon from .ico/cur/ani files
- It is now possible to navigate menus by pressing button with first letter in the name of shortcuts ( as was in 1.3.7 ). However, if any of the shortcuts include mnemonic character with that letter ( e.g. preceded by & ) - it will be launched first.
- Fixed problem when old hotkey remain active after changing it in options
- Added possiblity to decrypt memo on-fly. For this - hold CTRL key while performing any action on memo like send to window/clipboard,emailing, etc.
- Fixed problem with resolving memo's vars like %d%,%t%,%clip%
- Fixed non-working "Font Changing" dialog on XP
- Fixed error message about opening clipboard when sending memo to clipboard/window

Download Quick Cliq v2.0.1