Quick Cliq 2.0.3 released

Thanks to all who sent me their feedback and helped make Quick Cliq better!

- New "Folder Menu" options: Sorting, files/folders order, show/hide .lnk extension
- New system shortcuts added
- From now gestures will not work while any of Quick Cliq windows is active
- New options passed to S-Menu files on creation ( Folder Menu related, etc. )
- Added notification about required MSXML version when running Quick Cliq on XP SP1 or earlier OS version
- Changed error message when fail to run shortcut/command ( added more details )
- Added "Defaults" button on "Options" window - to reset all setting to default
- Implemented autobackup of qc_conf.xml on each Quick Cliq exit
- Added possibility to use modifiers for gesture button - shift, ctrl, win ( see options->gestures )
- Added option to choose copy&paste method ( see options->other )
- Added options window for Tree View ( see Quick Cliq Editor->Settings->View ). There you can set the font for the tree and it's size.
- Font for all Quick Cliq windows set to Times New Roman
- Improved speed at which Quick Cliq Editor opens after long time system idle
- Imporved speed at which icons menu opens
- Height Adjust options now works for Folder Menu as well
- Added "Change Title" options into Wins menu which offer active window title changing
- Fixed possible reason of rewriting qc_conf.xml with empty file
- Fixed issue setting hotkeys/gestures to None - was used default values in that case
- Fixed crash caused by some shortcuts in Folder Menu
- Fixed few problem with retrieving icons in Folder Menu
- Fixed bad behaviour when right clicking inside Quick Cliq Editor on Vista/XP
- Fixed bug when previos gesture wasn't disabled after changing it's trigger button
- Fixed "Folder menu" bug when icons from folder shortcuts did not retrieved
- Fixed Memos Ctrl+S hotkey didn't work
- Fixed blank message about adding your own icons

Download Quick Cliq v2.0.3