Quick Cliq 1.3.4

This is a hotfix update, fixing few critical bugs from version 1.3.3, here they are:

-Fixed bug when qc hangs up on right clicking in main gui
-Fixed bug when "Quick Cliq" label have not been seen in about on XP
-Fixed bug with memos save confirmation dialog on rows switching
-Fixed bug with memos ctrl+s hotkey
-Fixed bug with encryption - the password was used in a wrong way and empty one didn't work
-Fixed "Choose Icon" dialog which could crush QC sometimes
-Fixed problem when default hotkeys like ctrl+RBM, ctrl+MMB and LMB+RMB were enabled by default
-Few minor fixes

And, if you have some missing icons after update – see the previous post’s update (red text)
Good Luck and thank you for your feedback!