Quick Cliq v2 released

Finally, Quick Cliq v2 has been released. Please, read the critical changes carefully to avoid problems. If any still happens – write us so we could help you.

– Quick Cliq has been completely rewritten and overall improved
– All settings are now stored into xml
– All your menu items will be successfully transferred on Quick Cliq start from old-form settings
– Old ini configuration will not be changed in any way after QC 2.0 start, so you may continue using previous version if you want later

– S-Menus now can be updated by right-clicking on file and choosing “Update S-Menu”
– Common QC items now right-clickable from opened menu – this action opens additional menu with few options
– Added option to choose font for the menu
– Added “T-Form” option for menus divided by columns
– Added possibility to change text/background color for each item individually in the menu
– Shortcut’s commands are now always saving automatically
– Improved performance for Folder Menu shortcuts
– You may now have items with any possible name ( event empty of similar )
– You may now Drag&Drop items on other shortcuts to create menus
– Clips: module have been rewritten, therefore all saved clips from earlier Quick Cliq versions will not be restored on start.
– Clips: Added option to save Text/HTML/Graphics from each clip through it’s menu
– Memos: Crypting system have been changed in new version, therefore you should decrypt all your enrypted memos before running new Quick Cliq
– Only hotkeys/gestures settings are transferred from the old “ini” configuration. So you will need to manually recheck other options if you need
– S-Menus format have also been changed and you will need to recreate necessary menus again.
– Improved adding shortcuts through drag&drop
– Improved methods to retrieve icon location for files
– Many new “Shell” shortcuts added under System Shortcuts category. This shortcuts allow easy access to the most system applications.

Few notes:
To make “Conversion” dialog reappear, you need to delete Data\qc_conf.xml file while you still have Data\menuitems.ini file
To make tutorial reappear, you also need to delete Data\qc_conf.xml file and no Data\menuitems.ini file should be


Quick Cliq 1.3.6 released

Glad to announce that Quick Cliq of version 1.3.6 has been released today. Below is changelog for this version:

-Fixed bug when Add/Change window won’t show up
-Fixed hotkey’s accociated shortcut view from “custom hotkeys” window
-Few toolbars changes
-Add/Change window saves it’s size/pos when closed and restore when opened
-Shortcuts list now update itself when restoring backup from options
-Two notifications about suspended hotkeys/gestures added on Options screen
-Shortcuts with relative paths now run correctly
-Added option to make command’s path relative/full if possible. Accessible through command’s context menu at Add/Change
-All icons paths now saved as relative whenever possible for better portability
-“Copyto” special command will now ask about destination folder if there is no any specified
-Fixed bug when S-Menu could not be saved due to restricted characters in menu’s name
-From now on bracers [] are not allowed in menu name
-Other minor improvments

Quick Cliq 1.3.5 beta

Hello, guys

Since many of you experienced problems with opening “Add/Change” window and we, unfortunatley, unable to reproduce this issue on our side, we’ve released Quick Cliq 1.3.5 beta 32-bit with possible fix for this problem.
Please try this version and let us know if problem is still reproducing for you.

Download Quick Cliq 1.3.5b1 32-bit

Thank you!

Quick Cliq 1.3.4

This is a hotfix update, fixing few critical bugs from version 1.3.3, here they are:

-Fixed bug when qc hangs up on right clicking in main gui
-Fixed bug when "Quick Cliq" label have not been seen in about on XP
-Fixed bug with memos save confirmation dialog on rows switching
-Fixed bug with memos ctrl+s hotkey
-Fixed bug with encryption - the password was used in a wrong way and empty one didn't work
-Fixed "Choose Icon" dialog which could crush QC sometimes
-Fixed problem when default hotkeys like ctrl+RBM, ctrl+MMB and LMB+RMB were enabled by default
-Few minor fixes

And, if you have some missing icons after update – see the previous post’s update (red text)
Good Luck and thank you for your feedback!

Quick Cliq 1.3.3 released!

Glad to announce that the new version of Quick Cliq is finnaly out!
Yeah, it took some time to gather all things together and make an update, but it’s been “summer” out there and all such things, you know… Seems like some of you even start loosing patience, eh?
But, hey, we are so rarely see you on our site… where are you, halloo!? All those thousands downloaded Quick Cliq..?
OK, i will point a few significant changes made to Quick Cliq, and full list you as always can see in our change log.

  • The main Quick Cliq windows where all shortcuts forging were completely remade, so it looks now like this:

  • So, it become resizable, got some toolbars and more “work space”. Properties for each shortcut were moved to another window wich appears when you right click on any item. Also, as you can see, all color themes you have set inside your menu, can now be seen just at this point, whithout necessary “close window/open menu” circle. The most significant change of this window is that we have now two separate parts here – the one at the top is a shortcuts editing field with similar to the end-menu view and second at the bottom is a commands editing place, where you can set/change commands for each shortcut, – one, two, or whatever number you want.

  • Regarding props window, here it is:

  • The new “Random” button where added to set colors for selected menu randomly for you. The “H” button indicate whether props window is hiding each time you don’t use it or not.

  • Another special command where added – ‘copyto’. This command with syntax like ‘copyto C:\MyFavFolder;C:\RCB’ can be used to copy any selected files/folders from explorer windows/desktop directly into folders you specified. You can find more about this command inside QC. Thanks to Mike for siggestion about this feature.
  • Bug realted to “+” symbol inside shortcut name was fixed
  • Some shortcuts containing non-english letters like é,à,è could not work. This is also been fixed.
  • Significantly improved icons retrival from recources, which most noticeably for 24×24 icons

Update: If you have experienced missing icons after update, download this archive and unpack it into your “Quick Cliq\Data” folder

Good luck, and have fun with Quick Cliq!

Quick Cliq 1.3.3 preview

Hello, friends!
We were working on new Quick Cliq GUI design since the last version, and here is the first screenshot how it will be looking:

The man, running something out from Quick Cliq

Important changes:

  • All item’s properties moved to separate float window, which appears when you right click on the item.
  • Each menu’s colors will be shown inside the list and any changes can be seen instantly
  • Buttons replaced with toolbar
  • Improved appearance of the list

There also will be various bug fixes & improvements we got from your feedback, and new copyto special command, which will help you perform a quick copy of selected files to the specified folders.

Thank you for using Quick Cliq!

Quick Cliq Updated to Version 1.3.07

Hey everyone! We updated Quick Cliq last night to version 1.3.07 which includes a brand new 64 bit version for those users running Windows 64.

Here is a rundown of everything that has changed:

  • Added a new memos encryption system
  • Added an option to just show icons with a tooltip in the main menu
  • Added an option to remove all windows theme styles from Quick Cliq windows
  • Added a few new thank you’s to the about box
  • Bug Fixes:
    • S-Menus now work properly again (Did anyone notice??)
    • Numberpad hotkeys are now available
    • Global gesture button not turning off when changed
    • Clips save/restore function fixed
    • Added an error message if QC could not write to the settings file because of permissions
    • Fixed the font change in memos
    • Fixed bug where changing a memo in the On-Top viewer would not save properly
    • Many small fixes and improvements!


I said before that we have now a 64 bit version for our 64 bit users. If you run a 64bit machine it is highly recommended that you use this version. If you wish to make the switch, head over to the Quick Cliq page and download this version. You can just replace your old Quick Cliq.exe with the new 64 bit version. Just make sure you have exited Quick Cliq first.

Aside from the new version we have some big news as well! Pavel and I have decided to make Quick Cliq open source. We are in the process of moving the source from github to source forge now but until then we have put up a download to the most current source in a zip file. So if you have been wanting to see how QC works go check it out! We do have to apologize as right now the source is not well documented but we will work on changing this. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be happy to answer them.

Stay Quick!

Quick Cliq updated to version 1.3.00!

Hey all
Good news here, we’ve been able to slowly finish the work on new Quick Cliq version 🙂
Here is the changes it brings to you:

  • A full Unicode support. For now it gives a possibility to name shortcuts with your own language, not english only. It also improves the way Clips and Memos work.
  • Few useful windows manipulation commands have been added:
    • win_tileh – Tile Windows Horizontally
      win_tilev – Tile Windows Vertically
      win_min – Minimize: All Windows
      win_unmin – Minimize: Undo
      win_togd – Toggle Desktop
      win_tasksw – Task Switcher (Vista+ only)
      win_casc – Cascade Windows

    And some of them also available through Windows menu. You can find them in System Shortcuts window under “Windows Commands” label

  • New menu for icons choosing added. It appears when you click on the icon inside main Quick Cliq window. You can define a set of custom icons by placing them in “\Data\user_icons” folder and easily access them through that menu later.
  • Two new appearance options added – one is to divide menu by columns and another is to show icons only without shortcuts labels. So now you can make your menu really compact & smart.
  • A few more changes have been added, which you can see in the changelog.

    Make sure you are convert your encrypted memos back to the plain text before this update, since it temporarily removes “Encryption” option. It will be returned back in improved form later.
    Since unicode support added some of your shortcuts may become empty due to removed restrictions for names. You should recheck your targets and fix them if needed.

We have created a tool to fix old “menu_items.ini” (from QC version before 1.3.00) to the new format. Please use it after update.

Have fun with Quick Cliq and leave us some comments so we could know what you think 😉
Download the last version here

Hey There

Hello, friends
Here is a few lines about how we planning to develop Quick Cliq in future:

  • Unicode – the Quick Cliq going to become fully unicode-support application which means a more people around the world can do things faster with their native language. This will also fix a few bugs and remove restrictions on shortcut names, clips and memos text.
  • Improved icons support – we made an easy way to change or use your own icons for shortcuts
  • A few options added to change menu appearance – now you will be able to divide menu by columns or show icons without text
  • We know that Quick Cliq interface looking a bit rude and some people may not use it just because of that. We going to fix this
  • Different languages support
  • We are working on improving the Help section, which is, you know, looking quite old now
  • More videos about how to use Quick Cliq should appear soon

Stay Quick! 🙂