Chages list for coming Quick Cliq update

Hello, Quick Cliq users!

Here is a list of changes that will be implemented in soon-coming Quick Cliq update:

  • Preview for Memos/Clips – you can see a first few strings of specific item by holding CTRL while moving mouse over it
  • Multi-Target support for each shortcut – Quick Cliq becomes even quicker, now you can run a bunch of stuff in short time with just one click
  • Transparency setting for menu
  • Recent items menu – it helps you get back window/program closed by mistake
  • New “Special Folder” type, which allow easy creating shortcuts for some common Windows functions like Control Panel
  • Some Quick Links added to Help menu
  • And probably little more.. 🙂

Stay with us, stay Quick!

Quick Cliq Updated to ver

We pushed an update out tonight to fix various issues brought to light by users. We also added new mouse gesture buttons (Middle click, and the back and forward mouse buttons found on some mice)

Thanks to everyone who submitted bugs and sat patiently while we did our best to fix the issues.

Now that we have the bugs worked out we will start adding some of the great new features that have been suggested. Can’t wait!

Here is a list of things we will begin working on:

  • Integrate favorite folders in Open/Save dialogs
  • New shortcut type to open special folders like My Computer, Control Panel, Network Places etc.
  • Preview on hover for Memos & Clips
  • Recently opened shortcuts history
  • Option to remove “-:Open folder:-” item in Folder Menus
  • Option to remove extensions in Folder Menus
  • A “Run Box” where you can search and launch files/folders in common directories and run Quick Cliq shortcuts

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions by commenting below or e-mailing us.

Quick Cliq Updated to ver

We pushed an update out to the server tonight to accommodate a user request and to add a new icon set for the extra menus and Add/Change menu item.

Be sure to update!

We also had a great review written for Quick Cliq by Samer at yesterday! Because of this review we have had a VERY strong influx of new QC users and we really appreciate that!

I would like to give a warm welcome all the new users to Quick Cliq! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments because as you can see above we actually listen to our users. We want to make your experience with QC the best it can be.

Please feel free to tell us about your experience by contacting us or simply commenting this post!

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Quick Cliq Updated to ver

I just pushed a very minor update to the server to fix a bug. Update when you can.

The update fixes an infrequent bug where a window would not activate properly when a memo is sent causing the memo to not be sent in full or not at all.

Remember you can always submit a bug  by clicking the “Submit a Bug” menu item in the Help menu inside the Add/Change window or by simply clicking here.